Find Your Perfect Match for a New Truck

Considering purchasing a new truck this fall? We can’t blame you—this year’s Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge trucks are well-priced, packed with incredible features, and amazing to drive.

If you’re shopping, Grava Cars wants to help you find your perfect match, and we know that means evaluating your specific needs and deciding what works best for your lifestyle. Today, we’re going to walk you through what you should look for before you head on over to your local car dealership in Medford, MA.

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How Many Passengers?

Most new trucks have room to seat at least four to six passengers, but not every truck will have a comfortable amount of legroom available if you do. Drivers should consider not only how many passengers they plan to carry, but any special needs those passengers have, too.

Hauling infants or young children around? Pick a truck that makes it quick, safe, and easy to buckle kids in without placing them in harm’s way in the front seat. Driving with an elderly relative? A truck that isn’t too high off the ground may make it easier to climb in. Road tripping with friends? Be sure to pick a truck with plenty of legroom in the back and a cab; you’ll have room to stash everything no matter how far you go.

What’s Your Budget?

How much can you comfortably spend on your new truck? Are you planning to finance, pay in cash, or charge the vehicle to a credit card? These questions will help you decide your maximum budget and whether or not you have wiggle room to increase it without placing undue stress on your finances.

Remember that the average truck is more expensive than the average car; you’re looking at between $15,000 and $30,000 more, depending on what model you buy. For most drivers, this is simply a fact of life, but, for others, it may mean an SUV or large hatchback is a better choice.

Need to Carry Heavy Weight?

Do you plan to haul equipment or trailers? Not every truck will naturally meet your carry weight demands, so having a rough idea of exactly how much weight you need to tow is a good idea. New trucks have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which lets you know the maximum weight it can haul and/or tow, including passengers, the truck itself, and any towed trailers.

Only hauling trailers? Don’t assume you need to factor in hauling power and nothing else. Most trailers put around 10 to 15 percent of their total weight back onto your vehicle, meaning a 1,000-lb trailer equals around 100 lbs of additional weight. Determining weight for objects and equipment is a bit more difficult; you can attempt to calculate it by hand or just over-estimate to provide a bit of cushion.

V6 or V8?

Your truck’s engine is one of the most critical facets of its performance. If you’re just driving back and forth to work, a V6 will give you all the performance you need while saving you money on gas. If you’re hauling trailers or equipment or driving on rough roads, a V8’s higher horsepower level will translate out into easier driving with less stress on the vehicle. For the ultimate workhorse, pick a diesel engine instead.

Realistically, these questions listed above are just the beginning; that’s why we recommend coming down to the lot at Grava Chrysler Jeep Dodge in person. We can help you go over your options and check off your list of needs to find the right vehicle that fits both your budget and your preferences. Whether you’re buying for a commercial fleet or just for enjoyment, we can help!

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