Trading in Your Car at the Dealership

Is it  time for a new  car? If so, you’re probably  wondering what you should do with your current set of wheels. While you could  certainly list it on Craigslist or put a sign in the window, the easiest and  most efficient option would be to trade it in at the dealership where you plan  to buy your new one. Here’s what you need to know.

Car Dealership

Research  Your Car’s Value

Use a couple of different resources to  look up the value of your trade-in before you even visit the car dealership.  This will give you leverage in the conversation and confidence in the amount  you are offered, even if it isn’t exactly the same. Having solid research on  the value when you begin negotiations will ensure you aren’t given a low-balled  offer. Kelley Blue Book, CarFax, and NADAguides are great places to start.

Maximize  the Value of Your Trade-In

No matter what the value of your car, no  one is going to want to get in and drive it if it’s dirty and full of garbage.  If your car is better cared for, it will be worth more. A clean car could mean  the difference between a few hundred dollars or more on the final offer. Clean  out all your personal information and property, but make sure you have all your  vehicle’s preventive maintenance records on hand to prove the car has been  properly taken care of.

What  to Expect

Don’t expect the dealer to take your  word for it when it comes to the value of your car. The used car manager or a  dealership appraiser will ask to look at your vehicle, and they may even take  it for a test drive, just as you will test drive your new vehicle. They will  inspect it for both cosmetic and mechanical issues, and then offer you a number  based on the value and the amount of work they expect to have to do before putting  it up for sale on the lot.

What  if the Car Isn’t Paid Off?

Car Dealership Medford, MA

It’s no problem, and don’t let anyone  tell you that it is. Most Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and RAM dealerships take  currently financed trade-ins on a regular basis. They will turn around and sell  your old vehicle on the used car lot. That said, you won’t get off completely  free of financial responsibility if you trade in a car you still owe money on.  If you owe $5,000 but the vehicle is only worth $4,000, you can expect that  extra $1,000 to end up rolled into the charges of your new car. The dealership  isn’t going to eat the difference for you.

Both new car dealerships and used car  dealerships are usually ready and willing to consider used trade-ins. Go in  with an educated yet open mind, and you will likely find yourself in the  position to knock a couple thousand dollars or more off the price of your new  vehicle.

Our mission here at Grava Chrysler Jeep Dodge is to  give you the fairest offer possible upfront as a car dealership in Medford, MA.  Don’t be afraid to stop by and talk to us about your needs. We can’t wait to  see you drive off the lot in the new car of your dreams.

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