Engine Repair near Lynnfield MA

Engine Repair near Lynnfield MA

What will you do when your vehicle needs an engine repair near Lynnfield, MA? Before you start scrambling to Google a place, let the team at Grava Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) put your concerns at ease. Our dealership hosts a full-service maintenance and repair center right on the premises, and our highly trained service pros can handle most repairs and replacements.

Oil change

Oil Changes

Oil lubricates the parts surrounding and connecting to your car’s engine. This ensures the parts move smoothly and provide reliable performance whenever you start the engine. But after you’ve been making the rounds near Ipswich River or commuting back and forth to Beantown, the oil eventually must be changed because it becomes dirty from all those travels.

When you bring in your car for this routine task, a tech will examine the dipstick, replace the oil, and also add a new filter. This service can be done anywhere between 5,000 and 7,500 miles unless your car requires synthetic oil. For those oil changes, you may wait until 10,000 miles or even longer.

Battery Service

If you find it hard to start your car, the battery may be on its way out. Signs like dimming lights when you put on the headlamps or when you have trouble starting the car can indicate your vehicle’s battery may be dying. It may need a charge or require a whole new battery, which we can install.


Tire Care

Driving every day impacts your tires, and that’s their job. After a few years, though, you’ll want to find out if they need to be replaced. You may be able to tell by performing a tread test, which measures the depth of the treads. Shallow treads mean your vehicle’s tires are holding up well, while the reverse means it may be time for new ones.

Brake Service

Like tires, your brakes serve a very important purpose. Whether you’re on a slick road or a car stops short in front of you, the brakes can control your car from spinning out or colliding with another vehicle. Depending on how you drive, the brake pads, which protect the rotors, may deteriorate with usage sooner rather than later.

If you apply the brakes and hear squeaking, the brake pads may be wearing down. Make sure every time you bring in your car for service that you have them checked. If they’re making grinding noises, bring in your car to get the pads replaced.

Car parts

Parts Center

A parts center on the premises means our service pros can get right to work for most common repairs and replacements. A diligent pro will diagnose your car’s ailment, strategize how to repair it, and then head over to the parts center. If they can’t find the part within our fully stocked warehouse, they’ll order and quickly install it.

Other Available Amenities

Relax in our comfortable lounge if you’re waiting for your car to be diagnosed, inspected, or repaired. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to your loved ones or work. For car owners who must return to their offices or home to relieve the sitter, our shuttle service will give you a ride.

If you can’t spare the time or have just remembered your car needs a tire rotation, for example, use the Express Lube lane. When you use this lane, you’ll get speedy service without an appointment.

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Now you know what to do when your car needs an engine repair near Lynnfield, Massachusetts. For peace of mind, make an appointment at Grava CDJR today.

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