2020 Toyota RAV4 Review

2020 Toyota RAV4 Review

Before you get into a jam, seek out engine repair near Medford, Massachusetts. That way, you’ll have our contact information already logged into your phone when your car needs repairs or general maintenance. Our service center team at Grava Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) takes care of all types of service to keep your car in great shape.

Oil change

Oil Changes

Be sure to schedule oil changes according to your car manufacturer’s schedule. You’ll find that marker in the owner’s manual, and our skilled service techs can make their recommendations. At the 5,000- to 7,500-mile markers, many cars require an oil change, although those vehicles using synthetic oil can often wait until 10,000 miles.

After you’ve been back and forth on I-93 South to get to downtown Boston, your car may collect all types of debris from the road. This taints the oil, so it may not provide the lubrication your car and the engine parts need. Our techs will change the filter and pour new oil into your car.

Battery Service

A dying battery could be the cause of dimming lights or a slow ignition. In that case, you’ll need your vehicle’s battery tested by our service techs. They’ll provide a fresh charge or can replace the battery with a new one. Usually, batteries last up to five years; so, before that time, you may want to schedule a check-up of this important component.

Tire Service

Tire Care

Wear and tear affects all tires when you drive along the Mystic River on a daily basis. Since tires are the first connection to the road, they must be in good shape.

Our techs can check the inflation and perform a tire tread test, which measures the treads for excessive wear. If you keep seeing the tire pressure light, it could indicate one of your car’s tires has a leak. We can patch that right up or see if your vehicle needs a new set of tires.

Brake Service

Your vehicle’s first-line safety system, the brakes, need attention when they’re not performing well. If you notice squeaking or grinding when you apply the brakes near the Central Massachusetts coast roads, your brake pads should be changed or are going to need an update. We can make sure your car carries enough brake fluid and that the whole system works properly.

Car Parts

Parts Center

To get repairs and replacements done quickly and efficiently, we rely on our parts center, and you can, too. We keep it fully stocked so our service techs can immediately take care of any service. Plus, you can purchase your own parts if you intend to fix your car yourself.

Other Amenities

Having amenities at our service center means a pleasant experience for our customers. While you’re waiting for an automotive repair, we supply complimentary Wi-Fi so you can keep up with your work or watch your favorite programs. If you need to get back home or to the office, take advantage of our shuttle service.

When your car needs a quick fix like an oil change or bulb replacement, visit our Express Lube department. It offers the same trusted service you’ve come to expect, so you’ll be out in a flash. We tend to most routine tasks here, so you won’t have to wait for an appointment.

Schedule Engine Repair near Medford MA

Prepare in advance for an engine repair near Medford, MA, by knowing where to go. We provide all types of services for Middlesex County area car owners. Schedule an appointment today at Grava CDJR.

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