Grava Staff

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  • Nicholas DiCarlo
    Sales Consultant

    Nick has been with Grava since 2013 and has been selling cars since 2009.  He was previously a Union Contractor, Auto Detailer, Toll Taker, Mover, Plow Driver and Landscaper among other things.

    Nick is a Legacy in the car business. His father and brother have been in the industry for years as well.

    When he's not working Nick can usually be found with his Wife and Daughter. His favorite Vacation spot is Cape Cod.

  • Bobby Harris
    eCommerce Director

    Bobby has been with Grava since October 2010.  

    In addition to running the Business Development Center he is also the backup Finance Manager.

    Bobby has worked in the automotive industry off and on since 1983 in various jobs including Lot Man, Salesman, Oil Change Tech, Reconditioning, Parts Driver, Shipper / Receiver and Service Advisor.

    Bobby spends his free time with his family trying to stay as active as possible. CrossFit, Obstacle Course Racing and Snowboarding are some hobbies along with Golf, tennis and coaching his son's Baseball teams.

  • Hirak Rana
    Marketing Professional

    Hirak Rana is a young business aficionado on an international voyage attaining the badges of London, Dubai and Boston, being the latest addition.

    Working as a Marketing Professional since 2015 with Grava he has consistently made a significant contribution to increasing floor traffic marketing our Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Chrysler Vehicles to our customers.  

    Hirak loves cars, but travelling and music are his go-to place when he craves peace.

  • Michael Rachlin
    Sales Consultant

    Michael Rachlin has been with Grava since 2009 and has been in the automotive industry since 2000.  

    After working for Grava Mitsubishi for a few years he made the switch to the Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge store and has one of our most consistent sales consultants since arriving.  

    Mike's product knowledge is second to none. If you have questions, give him a call!

    When not at work he spends his time shuttling his teenager to Crew, Marching Band, Percussion  and numerous other events.

    In the past, Michael has been a Regional Sales Manager, District Sales Manager, Sales Manager and was once a Hawker.

    One time on a skid pad at an FCA training session for the SRT4 Demo Drive he got 3 full rotations!

    Michael is married and has 3 children and his favorite vacation spot is Southern California.

  • Al Firicano
    Sales Consultant

    Alec Firicano has been with Grava since 2009.  
    Grava has been Al's only experience in the Automotive Industry.  His knowledge of our products is exceptional and his Customer Service is beyond compare.

    When Al isn't at work you can find him playing drums, singing , writing stories, painting, watching sports or traveling.

    Al has previously worked at a bank and a student loan company and at one point in his life actually sang the National Anthem at a Major League Baseball game!

    Al's favorite vacation spot is "Anywhere I haven't been before...".  

  • Ronald Inacio
    Sales Consultant

    After traveling from Brazil to the Boston area to pursue a new life, Ron found himself working at a Comcast Rep, External Sales Rep and a Server for a nice restaurant in the area.

    He took the leap this year to try his hand at selling cars and is learning quickly.

    When he's not working, Ron can usually be found going out to dinner, traveling or taking road trips.

    Ron is very passionate about cars and loves the Jeep and Dodge brands!

    When on vacation, Ron's favorite spot is Miami Beach

  • Daniel Matos
    Sales Consultant

    Daniel Matos started with Grava in 2017.  This was his first time working in the Automotive Industry after working in maintenance at a nursing home.

    Being just a few years out of High School, Dan enjoys hanging out with his friends, going to the beach and road trips to surrounding states.

    He once went to Martha's Vineyard and jumped off a bridge into the water.  (Apparently, all his other friends were doing it!)

    He took this job as a way to trying something new in life and seems to be learning well.  His Customer Service skills are fantastic and he's really coming into his own while learning the product.

    Dan's favorite vacation spot is California.

  • Mike LaRochelle
    Sales Consultant

    Mike LaRochelle started in the Automotive Industry in 2013 when he first began working at Grava.

    Mike was previously a Custodian at a University when the opportunity to try Sales for the first time was offered to him.

    His customers continue to come back to him and refer their friends because of his outstanding customer service and his knowledge of our products.

    Mike is married with 2 children and when he's not working you can usually find him watching sports or walking his dog Buster.

    When he goes on vacation, his favorite spot is the Dominican Republic.

  • Greg Hussey
    Sales Consultant

    Greg Hussey has been on the Sales Floor for a short time, but has previously worked in construction and security.

    Greg likes to go on hikes with his dog - a half Great Dane, half St. Bernard mix.  He's also owned 2 alligators as pets.  

    When he's not working he's either walking the dog, riding his bike, playing hockey or just going for a run.

    He got into this business because he's had a passion for cars since he was just a kid.

    Greg's favorite vacation spot is Corona del Mar in California.

  • Yatish Shrimali
    Marketing Professional

    Yatish started at Grava in Spring 2017.

    He previously worked in education. 

    When he's not at work, Yatish can usually be found playing FIFA-18, playing guitar, writing poetry or reading books.

    He once visited the most Haunted place in India "Bhangarm" and has gone Parasailing.

    Yatish says one of his favorite vacation spots is Las Vegas!

  • Joe Papagni
    Sales Consultant

    Joe Papagni has been with Grava since 2016.  

    After Coaching some Sports and a few jobs in Sales, Finance and Demolition, he came to work with his extended family.

    On his off days, Joe can be found playing Hockey or Golf, as well as watching the Bruins, Patriots and Red Sox, although according to Joe, he tries to maintain the Patriots philosophy of NO DAYS OFF and he stays available to his customers.

    When he does take a vacation, Joe enjoys going to Florida.