Jeep Compass MPG

Jeep Compass MPGIf you’re looking for an off-road companion with the drive and power you need for the areas of Medford, Malden, and Everett, Massachusetts, then you want a Jeep. For all your hair-raising adventures and everyday commutes, the 2022 Jeep Compass can deliver.

Plus, this heavy-duty model is also ready to blow you away with its gas mileage. On its base configuration, you can enjoy an EPA-estimated Jeep Compass MPG of 22 city/31 highway MPG.

How does the Jeep deliver? Find out as you read this review, courtesy of your friends here at Grava Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR).

Gas Mileage Estimates You Have to Experience to Believe

Jeep Compass Fuel EconomyWhile you’re busy kicking up dirt with the power of the 2022 Jeep Compass, you can drive hard for quite some time without having to stop for gas.

This model’s 2.4L Tigershark® engine is as fierce as it sounds, and it helps provide the benefit of the previously mentioned EPA-estimated gas mileage of 22 city/31 highway MPG when equipped with the standard front-wheel drivetrain.

But what if you’re interested in the optional 4×4 drivetrain for greater grip and traction as you push this machine as far as it can go? You’re in luck. When configured with the optional 4×4 drivetrain, your Jeep’s EPA-estimated gas mileage rests at 22 city/30 highway MPG.

So put your pedal to the metal and load up in the Compass!

Designed for Efficiency

So, how does an apex engine with 177 horsepower and 172 lb-ft of torque packed inside a powerhouse like the Jeep Compass offer such a good MPG rating? Well, along with all its earth-shattering off-road capabilities, the Compass has been meticulously designed for all-around top performance.

It starts with the engine’s fuel-saving start-stop (ESS) system. This means that energy given to the engine is minimized, reducing the risk of gasoline burned unnecessarily, like when you’re idling.

Also, enjoy performance perks like the Selec-Terrain® Traction Management System. This system will help sink your tires into the rough terrain you’re looking to conquer, but it will also monitor engine performance and output, helping maintain an efficient drive.

You can be headed off the beaten path, up to enjoy the tranquility of Wright’s Pond, or just out about town, and this model will still work hard to deliver a good gas mileage experience.

Increase Your Gas Mileage

Increase Your Gas MileageAs a driver, it’s also valuable to remember that the ball is in your court to preserve your gas mileage. Stay aware of all the ways you can help keep those Jeep Compass MPG numbers high by:

  • Trying to reduce idling. Frequent idling burns through your fuel, but as we’ve already mentioned, the Compass has a built-in feature on the engine to help. Still, avoiding having lunch in your Jeep with the engine running goes a long way to increase your gas mileage.
  • Avoiding sudden starts and stops. Harsh braking or sudden acceleration can really put your vehicle through the rigmarole, so remember to maintain healthy driving habits.
  • Keeping an eye on your tire pressure. When your tire-pressure monitoring system tells you it’s time to add air, do it ASAP: Full and healthy tires make driving around easier—and are much better for gas mileage.

So, now all that’s left is to take this bad boy for a spin.

Try Out the Jeep Compass MPG

It’s time to experience all that the Jeep Compass MPG has to offer, so come visit us at Grava CDJR. We look forward to spicing up your everyday adventures throughout Medford, Malden, or Everett, MA, when you schedule a test drive!


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