When you stop by Grava CDJR, you’ll feast your eyes on an extensive lineup of models. Based on your lifestyle, our sales staff will help match you with the perfect vehicle. While shopping for your next car near Medford, MA, is an exciting process, there’s one thing you must consider—what are you going to do with your current vehicle?

You have two choices: You can either sell your current vehicle, or trade it in. To make your decision easier, read on as we explore some of the benefits of both options.

Sell or Trade Your Car Medford MASelling vs Trading: Which Is the Easier Choice?

While the decision is yours, we believe that trading in your vehicle vs. selling your car is the easiest route to take. Not only will it save you effort, but it’ll also save you tons of time. When you’re selling your vehicle, you’ll want to make sure it’s in excellent condition to get the most money out of it. If it needs any repairs or maintenance, you’ll want to do that before listing it.

On the other hand, when you trade in your vehicle with our car dealership near Medford, MA, we take care of all of that for you. We value your trade and accept cars in all types of conditions. Trading in your vehicle is also a quick process. We inspect your vehicle and give you an offer right away, whereas selling your car can be extremely time-consuming.

To start the selling process, you’ll need to take high-quality photos for your ads. Keeping up with ads, taking phone calls, and negotiating with buyers can take up a lot of your precious time. Plus, you never know how long it will take before you get your first offer. If you’re looking for a hassle-free option, trading in your vehicle is the way to go.

Sell or Trade Your Car Medford MAWhich Choice Saves You Money?

Did you know that trading in your vehicle can save you money? Trading can actually save you money on overall costs, like the taxes on your next vehicle. Usually, dealerships will deduct the trade-in offer from the price of the vehicle you’re purchasing, which brings down the vehicle’s price, resulting in lower taxes.

Check out this example below:

If you buy a vehicle for $20,000, and your current vehicle’s trade-in value is $7,000, the purchase price of the vehicle you’re buying becomes $13,000.

Sell or Trade Your Car Medford MAWhich Is the More Secure Option?

When you sell your vehicle in a private sale, there’s always a risk of security and privacy issues. When you sell your vehicle, you’ll be giving the buyer some of your information, which unfortunately can lead to potential identity theft or fraud. When you sell your vehicle with us, all of your personal information is completely protected. Trading is the more secure choice.

Trade In Your Vehicle near Medford MA

After reading, it’s clear that trading in your car near Medford, MA, is the effortless choice. Plus, trading in your current vehicle over selling protects your privacy. When you’re ready to check out some of our new and used inventory—and get a quote on your current car’s trade-in value—call our team at Grava CDJR today!

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