Which Boston Neighborhood You’d Live in Based on Your Coffee Order

August 2nd, 2019 by

Doesn’t matter how you pronounce it: coffee is the gasoline of this city (sorry, Citgo). You might be born and bred, commuting in, getting a higher education, or tightening up your local status…but this is Beantown and the way you have your coffee beans says a lot about what kind of Bostonian you are.

  • Cortado.
    You’re looking at the barista hoping that they know what a cortado is. You haven’t been to this coffee shop before but it seems like yes, ordering your special drink might be simple this time around. Once upon a time you too were a barista serving cortados. A pleasure to be back among the crowd living in the South End.
  • Espresso.
    Make that a triple espresso! You’re up in the morning, crack of dawn. You’ll grab a pastry in the morning as you leave your North End apartment and be right on your way down the brick streets like it’s the dreams you remember of Big Italy. If you’re more of a tea drinker, well, at least you’re close to the harbor.
  • Red Eye.
    Everything is last minute. You chug coffee down as though it’s a time machine. You haven’t even printed out your term paper and the T is nowhere in sight. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The coffee is fine…you live in the Allston/Brighton area.
  • Cappuccino.
    You ask if it’s a single or a double because you need to know if this will be enough caffeine to get you through your busy intense job because you supposedly signed up for this life. Whatever it is you’re doing it’s intense and you severely love caffeine because it makes you do what you need to do. You take offense at these next words: you’re not from Boston per se but you do live in Cambridge.
  • Dunkin’.
    You have a Dunkin’ cup on your mantelpiece back home, not because you left it there, but because it’s signed by Nomar Garciaparra. You’ll walk into a Starbucks and somehow leave with a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Nobody seems to be able to explain it. But that’s what makes you a true Southie native.
  • Black Coffee.
    This stuff is practically jet fuel and you either take it black or you add your own cream and sugar. The blue line might run through your neighborhood, but it’s black coffee that runs through your veins. That’s when you know you’re from Eastie.
  • The Usual.
    You’ve been going to the same coffee shop for so long that you decided, hey I’ll buy the place. You live in Beacon Hill.
  • Iced Coffee.
    You can’t live through Boston winters unless the winter is also inside of you. You win. You’re the town itself, from Charlestown.
  • Americano.
    You may feel like you’re living among the social chatter of European streets but you actually live in Back Bay.
By: Quinn Banford

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